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Prayer for Peggy
posted by: Sharon Blackburn on 12/10/2018

My friend Tami in Louisville called me this morning very upset. She mother who lives with her became very ill on Sat. She will be 91 if she live to the 29th of Dec. The doctors said her small intestine has a loop and blockage. If it ruptures she will pass and with her age she will pass if they go in in start the surgery and it ruptures. So its not good either way. So please pray that God's will be done. Pray for peace and calm for all involved. Tami and I have been friends since we were about 3 years old. I'm very close to the family.
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Needing prayers for myself
posted by: Jessica Moore on 11/28/2018

I’m needing prayers for myself, was told about a month ago, that I had a large grapefruit size cyst on one of my ovaries and another one on the other ovary, as well as a large kidney stone, this all took me to the ER, the kidney stone had since passed, but the cysts are still there, and it isn’t looking like they are going to go away on there own. Going back to the doctor in the middle of December to have an ultrasound to see if they are still there, if so I will have to have surgery to remove the large one. Asking for prayers for this. I have had cysts before but nothing like this or this painful before
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posted by: Dana Chism on 11/25/2018

Please pray for Dana as she was knocked over while ice skating. The fall resulted in a jammed, dislocated, broken wrist. She will be following up with a doctor this week and the need for surgery will determined. She got home from the ER early this morning and has been at home resting and taking care of her arm.
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Pray for Rebekah & Derrick
posted by: sandy on 10/26/2018

Pray for my daughter Rebekah & her boyfriend Derrick's relationship to be restored. That God would intercede in their relationship and heal hearts and restore them. He would bless their relationship & they both will put God first in their relationship.
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Healing For My Son
posted by: Philip Mathew on 10/24/2018

Dear Brothers My son have to undergo a surgery/embolization in his brains scheduled for 31 October 18. Please pray for the doctors carrying out the surgery/embolization so that all will be well with my son. If the Lord wills, please also pray that the Lord heals my son without the need for surgery. Thanks for your prayers. Amen. Philip
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Judy Hunt
posted by: Sharon Blackburn on 10/7/2018

My neighbor Judy Hunt was taken by ambulance this morning to the hospital. She was very sick. Just got word that she is in ICU and also septic. Please be in prayer for Judy and her husband Walter.
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Update on boating accident in Cynthiana
posted by: Jessica Moore on 9/13/2018

Prayers for the family of Porter Lamb, he was my cousins grandfather, he was the man that went missing on Sunday in the boating accident in Cynthiana. Search and rescue found him today, prayers and Peace for this family.
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Boating accident in Cynthiana today 9/8/18
posted by: Jessica Moore on 9/8/2018

My cousin posted this morning asking for prayers and wouldn’t say why and hour later I found out that her grandfather, her moms dad is the man that is still missing from the accident, please lots of prayers, according to the article they had stopped searching for awhile, lots of prayers that they find him.
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Lincoln Michael Moore( seizures)
posted by: Jessica Moore on 9/5/2018

Prayers for our precious nephew Lincoln Moore he has had two more seizures since being released from the hospital both more mild, one Friday night that only lasted a short time no meds had to be given and then today his lips started to turn blue again it was about 5 minutes long and they had to give him the emergency diazepam, please pray for him and the entire family as we are all going through this and watching him go through this.
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Lincoln Moore
posted by: Jessica Moore on 8/30/2018

Update on Lincoln Moore From Amie Moore on friday 8/24 Wednesday around 8pm. Please pray for my baby!!! He's having seizures. He has never had these until earlier. CRMC is flying him to Cincinnati soon. I've never been so scared in my life for my baby. **UPDATE #1** (Yesterday early morning)thursday It has been a LONG night. They (Clark) had to sedate Lincoln and ended up intubating him so he has been out the whole time. They didn't take Lincoln to Cincinnati by helicopter from Clark until about 11:45pm. As soon as Lincoln arrived they started getting him more settled. They ran more tests (labs, CT scan, EEG). Thankfully neurosurgery came and said his CT showed that the looks of his shunt were fine. The plan this morning is to start pulling the sedation off and to start getting that tube out. They also want to do another chest X-ray this morning too. He is still hooked up to the EEG this morning. We haven't noticed any other seizure like symptoms. Goal today is to just figure out what caused these to happen to my baby!! **UPDATE #2** Newest update today. They turned the sedation off yesterday late morning and then took his tube out. He was very hoarse. He wasn't really waking up much and if he did he was very fussy. He didn't ever open his eyes. After a while this really started to concern the doctors that he wasn't waking up. They said he should have already made a little progress. They were starting to think about another plan and figure out what else it could have been that caused his seizure. They said they would give him until this morning to show some better signs. If he didn't start moving more and opening his eyes then they were going to do a shunt tap and test the CSF to check for infection. THANKFULLY, he started waking up this morning and we finally got to see his eyes for the first time since Wednesday evening! He sat up for a little bit and then fell asleep. He woke up a little bit later and we played with some toys. He still isn't completely himself but we are working on it. They moved us this afternoon from the Pediatric ICU to the neurology unit. He finally got to drink a bottle and is just trying to relax and get him to his normal self. We will definitely be here another night and wouldn't be surprised if we were here until Sunday. This has been a very scary time. Our boy has been through so much and it's just one thing after another. Because he isn't showing signs of infection or malfunction from his shunt or a virus, they are believing it to be related to his hydrocephalus and him having a shunt. We pray this doesn't happen again to our boy. We want to thank everyone for all of the love, thoughts and prayers for our little man. The entire family would like to thank everyone for there thoughts and prayers during this stressful time last week. Thankful little Lincoln came home on Sunday 8/26 and is doing great, laughing and smiling
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