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Gary Haddock, Circuit Clerk Christian County.... His newborn grandson
posted by: Susan Tierney on 7/22/2014

Gary’s family welcomed a new grandson late last week, Oakley Haddock was born to Trent and Chelsea. Less than 24 hours after he was born, it was discovered that he had hypoplastic left heart syndrome (the left side of his heart was underdeveloped). Oakley is currently at Vanderbilt awaiting his first of at least three surgeries. I have not talked to Gary or any of the family, but I know they are asking for prayers for the family (Trent, Chelsea their two daughters) and most especially for Oakley. Please keep this family in your prayers. If you are interested in keeping up with updates on Oakley, someone has created a page on facebook Prayers for Oakley Haddock. Thanks. Susan Tierney Daviess Circuit Clerk
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Pray for my community and a special you to your church
posted by: aunita nashville on 7/19/2014

I looked your church up on the internet to finally say "Thank You." I hope and pray that I have the correct Mt. Zion Church. My community was very torn after the April, 2011 tornado. A group of adults and young people, from your church, came here and worked untiringly to assist us physically and spiritually. My little grand son, Marcus, even sang and danced for the group after finding himself several girl friends in the group. I could only give them hats to try to cool them off in the intense heat. We lost not only homes, cars, but also many lives at this time. I am so thankful for what these y young people did and I thank God for the wonderful ministry of love instilled at this church. Please pray for my community. We are still trying to rebuild and uplift each other in faith. God bless you and I love you all.
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Dustin (Youth Group Member)
posted by: Darelene Newsome on 7/11/2014

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Prayer Request
posted by: Kenny Speakes on 7/7/2014

Felix Gallardo is a distant family member who is in his 50's and due to illness May have to move in or near his daughter in Virginia. Thanks for every prayer.
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Prayer Request
posted by: Marsha Couch on 7/6/2014

Please put Marsha Couch on prayer list. She is the sister of Glenna Jarrett and was found unconscious in her home yesterday. She is in a diabetic coma suffering from sepsis which is a disease in the blood. Thank you !!
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Scott Poole
posted by: Sharon Blackburn on 6/22/2014

Please be in prayer for the George Poole family in my hometown of Williamson WV. The Poole family is my sister in laws brother. They found his 29/30 year old son,Scott, dead this morning.Don't know all the info as of now.Just pray for peace and understanding at this time.
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From the Pastors wife of the Promise Land (The Youth's recent mission trip location)
posted by: Cindy Wilson on 6/16/2014

I really hate I missed being with all of you this year. I was so busy getting prizes for the golf tournament and everything else. I tried to make it on Friday, but Joel had a doctor's appointment. He has not been well at all for about a month and I could not get him to go to a doctor. I spoke with Danny's son, who will be graduating med school next year and also a nurse friend and they both thought he had a stroke. Well, that was also the doctor's opinion on Friday. He did some blood work and he is scheduled for an MRI of the brain on Monday and an ultrasound of his heart and carotid arteries on Thursday, which is when they are putting a heart monitor on him. Tobias (Danny's son) said he would have admitted him, but maybe because it was the weekend, they didn't - I'm not sure. He would not have been a happy camper to be there over the weekend, when they really don't do anything, but at least they could have kept an eye on him. He sleeps all the time, since this happened. I usually try to drive him everywhere, so he doesn't fall asleep. I really appreciate it if you all will keep him in your prayers.
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great grand son
posted by: Maudie Allison on 5/5/2014

he is home and doing fine. was dehydrated and they really don't know why the fever. thanks for prayers.
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prayer for great grand child
posted by: Maudie Allison on 5/4/2014

Travis is in the emergency room in Ft Knox with a temp of 104.5. They don't know what is wrong with him yet but he needs prayer. Thank You
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Friends Dad just found out he has cancer
posted by: randy abshear on 5/1/2014

Please Pray for a good friend on mine dad he just found out that he has cancer. My friends name is Jerry Mays. Update on Dad. I wish I could tell y'all that it was good news but its not. We were told today that it is stomach cancer. The cancer Dr. Will talk to Dad and Mom in the morning sometime. I will keep y'all updated as much as I can.
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